All About Us!

Who We Are

Commercial landscaping is what we at Imperial Landscaping excel at. We provide a full service in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex area.

Our services consist of a variety of landscaping work from creative planning to hands on construction. This means that we are able to see you through from the very start of the project to the final result. Working with a single company for the whole process ensures that the work is streamlined and all stages of the project are done in the proper order with no pieces missing.

At Imperial Landscaping tending to outdoor areas is the family business. Family as well as faith are also the two most important values that create the foundation that our high quality services are built on.

Who We Serve

Allow us at Imperial Landscaping the opportunity to solve all your landscaping needs from planting to maintaining including emergencies. No task is too broad or too meager for our capable professionals.

All of our services are available for the entire Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. This area includes the cities of:

We provide services to a multitude of different types of properties in the cities listed above. At Imperial Landscaping we did not want to deny beautiful landscapes from anyone which is why our services are available for individuals as well as corporate businesses and public organizations – always tailored to your specific needs.

The property types we service include but are not limited to:

If your property type is not found in the list above, feel free to contact us as we are happy to offer our services to other property types as well.


In our work at Imperial Landscaping we always strive for perfection creating unparallelled outdoor spaces that provide relaxation and inspiration for their users. We aim to be the best in the field of landscaping with the help of using high end products and technology as a part of our work.


The vision of Imperial Landscaping is to become a household name as a reliable provider of landscaping services. In addition, our aim is to continuously offer exceptional service to our clients with fantastic prices for years to come.


Clients often become like family to us here at Imperial Landscaping. We often form long lasting relationships working together with our clients and we cherish the connections made through the love for beautiful outdoor spaces.