Our Commercial Landscape Service Areas

Maximize the potential of your property with the help of our skilled professionals. Practicality as well as exquisite beauty are qualities which we are proud to be able to bring to your outdoor spaces. All of our services are available for both public as well as privately owned properties.

Who We Serve

Allow us at Imperial Landscaping the opportunity to solve all your landscaping needs from planting to maintaining including emergencies.
 No task is too broad or too meager for our capable professionals.

Maximize the potential of your property with the help of our skilled professionals. Practicality as well as exquisite beauty are qualities which we are proud to be able to bring to your outdoor spaces. All of our services are available for both public as well as privately owned properties.

Florida services available in the following cities:

We provide services to a multitude of different types of properties in the cities listed above and surrounding areas. At Imperial Landscaping we did not want to deny beautiful landscapes from anyone which is why our services are available for individuals as well as corporate businesses and public organizations – 
always tailored to your specific needs.

The property types we service include but are not limited to:

If your property type is not found in the list above, feel free to contact us as we are happy to offer our services to other property types as well.


Treating the soil of any outdoor area is an important part of landscaping. The treatment is done in order to ensure the location offers a nutritious ground for plants to be added to the area as well as to make sure no unwanted soil-borne diseases are brought to the area. Shrubs and turf also need extra care in order to maintain proper pest control and prevent undesirable weeds from taking over the soil. The best way to manage potential threats like these is to take preventative measures in order to keep any troubles from rising. Keep your outdoor spaces healthy and flourishing with the help of our agronomy specialists.

Emergency After Hours

Emergencies do not look at the clock which is why we provide emergency after hours service which can be called whenever a problem arises. Ensure the safety and the functionality of your outdoor spaces by contacting us if any issues rise that need to be solved right away. Removing hazards caused by weather elements and problems with irrigation systems are just some of the examples of emergencies our professionals are experienced in dealing with.

Landscape Design

Get the most out of your outdoor space with the help of our passionate landscape designers who are able to turn your visions into a working plan for the space. Creating a space that is functional as well as beautiful will give any outdoor area a unique atmosphere which will in turn also increase the monetary value of the whole property.

Arbor Care

To ensure that the trees grow strong and healthy, that they are maintained and that potential hazards are prevented, we offer our customers arbor care. This includes everything from helping you choose the most suitable area for the tree species in question taking into accounts its specific requirements, selecting the right combination of soil and mulch, taking care of regular watering as the tree is growing, adding supports stakes for young and fragile trees in order to help them grow strong and tall, as well as maintaining grown trees by providing services such as pruning and trimming of branches.

Fertilization & Pest Control

Fertilization is an important part of caring for all landscapes in order to make sure plants stay healthy and properties look their best. However, creating a proper routine for fertilization can sometimes feel complicated. Remove the uncertainty and the guesswork from fertilization by letting our professionals take care of it. We have the necessary equipment and materials as well as skills for successful and safe fertilization.

Pest control is best done before the problem gets out of hand and causes serious damage. Examples of pests we are experienced in controlling include but are not limited to unwanted wild animals, insects, molds, and fungi as well as weeds.

Landscape Maintenance & Install

The landscape maintenance we offer includes all aspects of maintaining outdoor spaces, whether public or private. This includes taking care of the appearance of outdoor spaces, keeping the greenery of the area healthy and the spaces practical. Practical spaces are safe and also easier to maintain. Preventative measures including regular check-ups are done by us in order to keep outdoor spaces looking good, maintain plant health, make sure the irrigation systems are in order as well as to stop pests from running rampant. To provide you with a beautiful landscape we also execute sod, seed, and artificial turf installations.


Gardens and other outdoor areas of both private as well as public properties can be made to shine with the addition of some interesting details. Bring your ideas to us and we will create a well-thought-out plan to execute them in order to help you make the most out of your property. There are no limits to the type of additions we are able to make to an outdoor area so no idea is too small or too large. A unique look can make any property stand out from the rest, thus increasing its value.

Irrigation Maintenance & Install

We offer the necessary services to devise precise plans so that the irrigation system can be used to its fullest potential with no unnecessary amounts of water wasted. This makes the systems practical, cost-effective, and ensures the lawns and gardens of Texas are always properly watered. Our skilled professionals are also highly experienced in installing these systems.

Pressure Washing

Ensure that all outdoor areas stay clean and well-maintained with the help of our pressure washing service. The commercial services regarding pressure washing provided by us at Imperial Landscaping include pressure washing common areas, pool decks, mailbox areas and tennis courts among other areas. For residential areas we offer pressure washing services for driveways, sidewalks, curbs, patios, pool decks, general decks and more. Contact us if the area you are looking to get pressure washed isn’t listed above as we do offer this service for other areas as well!